Afar Traditional Dances

The Afar people have different kinds of traditional dances for various ceremonies like Weddings, rituals, and holidays. The dances are performed together as well as in specific age and sex groups.

Hora:- is a type of dance played only by men. In this dance the number of males should not be less than six and all the group hold Gilee in their right hands and lift their legs up to their behind.  This type of dance is common during war time, Eidi holidays and weddings.

Sedea :- is a type of dance both men and women adults play together.  It is played on different occasions.

Tiretera:- is the dance of warriors who just came back or are marching towards a battlefield.  Mostly adults play it.

 Keeke :- is a dance played by both sex in any occasion

Melabo:- is a women-only dance. Women line up in two rows holding their Gillés and sing in chorus while moving round. It is played during weddings and Eid-holiday.


Source: Afar Regional State Culture and Tourism Bureau